Every Book you purchase allows us to Donate a book to a child.

You can host your own Gift of Knowledge Book Sale at your school, event or organization and earn instant cash. Just add a Gift of Knowledge Book Sale to your next events and let your attendees know you will be selling our top quality, gently used pre-owned books for only $1. 

Soon you will be on your way to earning extra money for your school or organization, while offering a great benefit to your friends, families and community. It's like having a One Dollar Bookstore in your own neighborhood! 

​By offering fundraising opportunities, we endeavor to assist schools and communities, promoting literacy and protecting our children's right to read, learn and grow through free speech.

The Gift of Knowledge is an exciting opportunity supporting disadvantaged children and young people worldwide through Literacy. It's designed to provide at-risk young people with free education, fund-raising opportunities and a confidence building learning experience.

​Your generous donation to the Gift of Knowledge will provide a library, arts, crafts, Internet, business and computer workshops to those in need around the world.

The Gift Of Knowledge is determined to helping at risk children become productive citizens in their community.  

We have donated over one million books to schools in South Central Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, Northridge, Long Beach, Watts & Compton, California; Detroit, Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, the Philippians & Mexico...

​We firmly believe in our commitment to save the planet one book at a time, by re-using, recycling, and reclaiming our right to keep the written word alive on paper and not on electronics!



Where books are only one Dollar
the gift of knowledge tour

Help us build children's libraries worldwide.  Join us as we build our next library in Nine Mile, Jamaica.

The Gift of Knowledge Tour is following the footsteps of Nelson Mandela.  It is our desire to open two Children's Libraries this year to help create a better tomorrow for the children today. In order to do this we need your help.

The 40 Foot Children's Library we are building in Jamaica will be created from the same Steel Shipping Container used to transport the books from Southern, California. Empowering the Community volunteers and donations are needed to help construct the library and playground area.  Arts, Crafts, Computer, Business and Librarian Training Sessions will also be given to ensure the sustainability of the project and help build up the community while helping the youth to become self-sufficient.

Join us and be a part of the Education Celebration. Contact: piccolosbooks@yahoo.com or make a tax deducible donation here.




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